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2019 Fantasy Crokinole Pool Results

Nathan Walsh June 9, 2019

The numbers have been crunched and we have a winner for the World Crokinole Championship Fantasy Pool who goes by the name of . . . Andrew Hutchinson.

(Posted below are the top 10 finishers, and if you would like your own score and position, please send me a message.)

RankTeamPtsGroup AGroup BGroup CGroup D
1Andrew Hutchinson495Andrew HutchinsonJon ConradRay KappesMatt Brown
Justin SlaterReid TraceyDwayne CampbellMagic Mike
2Stephen Pedersen470Justin SlaterJon ConradDwayne CampbellMatt Brown
Ray BeierlingRoy CampbellJeremy HerrmannHoward Martin
3Dwayne Campbell465Justin SlaterJon ConradDwayne CampbellMatt Brown
Ray BeierlingRoy CampbellChristina CampbellRob Mader Jr.
3Half A**es465Justin SlaterJon ConradJeremy HerrmannMatt Brown
Andrew HutchinsonRoy CampbellRay KappesKevin Brooks
5Dale Henry455Justin SlaterJeremy TraceyDwayne CampbellMatt Brown
Andrew HutchinsonReid TraceyEric MiltenburgRueben Jong
5Fred Slater455Andrew HutchinsonJon ConradRay KappesMatt Brown
Justin SlaterNathan WalshEric MiltenburgRandy Harris
7Justin Slater450Justin SlaterJon ConradDwayne CampbellMatt Brown
Andrew HutchinsonNathan WalshRay KappesJonathan Phillips
7Howard Martin450Andrew HutchinsonRoy CampbellRoger VaillancourtRob Mader Jr.
Jason BeierlingReid TraceyBrian SimpsonMatt Brown
9Robert Bonnett445Justin SlaterJon ConradDwayne CampbellKevin Brooks
Ray BeierlingNathan WalshRoger VaillancourtRob Mader Jr.
9Jeremy Herrman445Justin SlaterJon ConradDwayne CampbellKevin Brooks
Andrew HutchinsonJeremy TraceyJeremy HerrmannRob Mader Jr.

So Andrew Hutchinson returns to the winners circle after sharing the title with Dwayne Campbell in 2018, but this time in 2019 it's a solo victory, and also the first instance of a repeat victor in the history of the WCC Fantasy Pool. Joining Hutchinson on the podium is Stephen Pedersen, Dwayne Campbell and a uniquely named team that will remain mysteriously attributed to some member of the crokinole community.

Further Analysis

  1. Last year both Dwayne Campbell and Andrew Hutchinson refused to select themselves for their fantasy teams (either of which would have led to an outright victory, rather than a co-win due to their high finish). Both returned this year and were sure to select themselves, and were rewarded thanks to another year of solid performance.
  2. Hutchinson had solid picks for Groups A and B, but separated himself at the top with his Group C selections, as he was one of the very few to pick both Ray Kappes and Dwayne Campbell.
  3. In addition to being the first repeat victor, Hutchinson can also claim the title of being the most consistent fantasy pool performer as he's the only person in the last 4 years to finish in the Top 5 in each year. Pretty impressive considering the fantasy pool has had over 30 entries in each of those years, as there were 31 total ballots filled out this year.
  4. Stephen Pedersen's 2nd place finish comes as a bit unlucky as his pick of Howard Martin resulted in 0 points as he was not participating in the singles competition. Another selection may have resulted in a different story for who took home the 2019 title.
  5. There was not a single selection for Darren Carr, Wouter Kool, Tyson Kipfer or Nolan Tracey among the 31 entries. This just speaks to both the surprises that were in store in the 2019 event, and to the strength of the competitive field as a whole to have so many possible choices that these top 16 finishers were missed entirely during the selection process.
  6. To give you your daily dosage of meaningless but semi-interesting facts: Fred Slater finished 5th in the fantasy pool for the second consecutive year, while Justin Slater finished 7th for the second straight year.
  7. Unsurprisingly, the most popular Group A selection was Justin Slater, appearing on 26 of 31 ballots. Andrew Hutchinson was the second most popular, appearing 17 times, followed by Ray Beierling at 12. Connor Reinman was a bit under-rated, only picking up 6 selections, which ultimately were to the peril of most entrants as he turned in a 4th place finish.
  8. Jon Conrad led all Group B picks with 19 selections, followed by Nathan Walsh at 13. The best Group B selection, Roy Campbell was picked 8 times with Reid Tracey just behind at 6.
  9. Group C popularity was led by Dwayne Campbell, who was selected 14 times, and Ray Kappes, picked 10 times.
  10. Group D picks were incredibly spread out, even more so than in other years, with only Matt Brown receiving more than 5 selections.
  11. The best possible team selection would have earned 620 points overall and included:
    • Group A: Justin Slater (1st), Connor Reinman (4th)
    • Group B: Roy Campbell (3rd), (Reid Tracey (6th) OR Jon Conrad (8th))
    • Group C: Ray Kappes (11th), Dwayne Campbell (12th)
    • Group D: Darren Carr (2nd), Wouter Kool (10th)

Congratulations to the top finishers, and thanks to all for participating. We'll be back to once again supply the little extra fun this fantasy pool brings in 2020.