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CrokinoleCentre Rankings

The following are the complete Top 100 CrokinoleCentre rankings, both for the overall and singles categories, updated up to and including the 2019 Ontario Singles Crokinole Championship in St. Jacobs, ON.

The scores are calculated using the NCA tournaments and NCA point system. A player's score is computed with the sum of the top 4 tournament results in the most recent 12-month calendar, in addition to the sum of the top 4 results from the preceding year, where all the of results from 2 years ago are weighted to count for 50% of their total score.

The Singles Category is calculated in the same way, while only using results from Singles tournaments.

Rank Name Points Rank Singles Only Points
1Justin Slater3061Justin Slater305.5
2Ray Beierling3002Andrew Hutchinson286
3Jason Beierling2933Ray Beierling283.5
4Jon Conrad2894Jon Conrad279
5Andrew Hutchinson2865Jason Beierling262.5
6Connor Reinman2815Nathan Walsh262.5
7Nathan Walsh2777Jeremy Tracey259.5
8Jeremy Tracey276.58Roy Campbell253
9Roy Campbell275.59Reid Tracey249.5
10Fred Slater268.510Fred Slater243
11Reid Tracey254.511Robert Bonnett230.5
12Dwayne Campbell24912Nolan Tracey224
13Clare Kuepfer24813Roger Vaillancourt220.5
14Nolan Tracey233.514Clare Kuepfer213.5
15Tom Johnston230.515Eric Miltenburg212.5
15Robert Bonnett230.516Connor Reinman199
17Eric Miltenburg22517Beverly Vaillancourt197
18Roger Vaillancourt222.518Dwayne Campbell180
19Rex Johnston21819Peter Carter177
20Christina Campbell21420Christina Campbell167.5
21Beverly Vaillancourt20421Andrew Korchok161.5
22Dale Henry202.522Dale Henry161
23Howard Martin20122Howard Martin161
24Brian Simpson187.524Cathy Kuepfer154
26Cathy Kuepfer18225Brian Simpson139
27Peter Carter17726Jo-Ann Carter137.5
28Michael Meleg17527Michael Meleg133
29Andrew Korchok17228Rex Johnston130.5
30Brian Henry160.529Gloria Walsh126.5
31Gloria Walsh15730Wayne Scott117
32Moochie Printup15531Brian Henry115
24Raymond Kappes187.532Tom Johnston107.5
33Robbie Thuot138.534Robbie Thuot99.5
34Jo-Ann Carter137.535Jeremy Herrman89
36Dave Brown12836Bob Jones82.5
37Matt Brown127.537Moochie Printup79.5
38Cor Vander Hoven123.538Ron Reesor77.5
39Rueben Jong11940Rueben Jong70.5
40Ron Reesor118.541Ron Langill69
41Bob Jones117.542Dave Brown68
41Lawson Lea117.543Matt Brown67.5
41Tony Snyder117.545Doreen Sulkye62
44Wayne Scott11746Kathy Geris60
45Wilfred Smith11646Dave Braun60
45Dave Braun11633Raymond Kappes101.5
47Kevin Brooks106.548David Younker56
48Jeremy Herrman10548John Wood56
49David Younker10339Janet Diebel75.5
35Kevin Bechtel131.550Tony Snyder55.5
50Dave Meijer102.551Kevin Brooks54
51Jonathan Phillips10251John McFeeters54
52Rob Mader Jr.10153Bill Geris52
53Nathan Jongsma97.554Rob Mader Jr.51
54Alex Protas92.554Janet Waite51
55Paul Brubacher87.556Nathan Jongsma49
55Fraser Haig87.556Derek McKie49
57Ewen MacPhail8456Garret Tracey49
58Will Moore7956Kevin Ranney49
59Darryl MacDonald7760Peter Tarle48.5
60Jerrid Hergott75.561Lawson Lea48
60James Hergott75.562Nathan Quigley47
63Andrew Lounsbury73.563Wilfred Smith46.5
63Bob Lounsbury73.564Alex Protas45
63Matthew Cashman73.565Randy Harris44.5
66Cam Fletcher72.566Chris Gorsline44
67James Parsons71.566Jonathan Phillips44
68Ron Langill6969Jennifer Carstairs41.5
69Dave Carnahan68.570Maradyn Wood41
70Daryl Barnhart6671Dave Meijer40.5
71Steve Lefaive6571Dave Carnahan40.5
72Doreen Sulkye6273Daryl Barnhart40
73Neil Cook60.574Mouser Henry39.5
74Kathy Geris6074Maxine Whitmore39.5
75Jennifer Carstairs58.576Ewen MacPhail39
76John Wood5677Len Chard38.5
60Janet Diebel75.578Joe Klages38
77Josh Davis5544Kevin Bechtel65
78John McFeeters5479Shirley Sager36
78Richard Mader5480Fraser Haig35
80John Bedtelyon5380Tim Burgess35
81Bill Geris5282Paul Brubacher34
82MJ Andreola5183Vera Gutzke33
82Janet Waite5184Joe Arnup32
84Carol Cook5084Darren Carr32
84Catherine Holland5086Peter Klassen31.5
86Derek McKie4987MJ Andreola31
86Garret Tracey4987Josh Carrafiello31
86Kevin Ranney4989Ron Hebden30.5
89Peter Tarle48.590Darryl MacDonald30
90Richard Ball4890Annie MacPhail30
90Laura Ball4890Kyle Vaillancourt30
92Dennis Ernest47.590Andrew Lounsbury30
93Wayne Hann4790Betty Waite30
93Betty Hann4790Joan Beierling30
93Nathan Quigley4790Bob Lounsbury30
96Kyle Vaillancourt46.590Jerrid Hergott30
97Annie MacPhail4590James Hergott30
98Randy Harris44.590Will Moore30
99Chris Gorsline4490Matthew Cashman30