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Advanced Screenings

Below you’ll find a list of not yet public (or recently released) CrokinoleCentre videos. All videos are given generic headlines excluding player names so that you may peruse the list without being exposed to tournament spoilers.

CrokinoleCentre aims to releases videos publicly on a consistent basis, but for efficiency purposes these videos are typically produced in bulk, and in some cases are prepared a few weeks before they are published for all to see.

To reward visitors of this site, and those hardcore crokinole fans, you can find below every video that’s already been completed, but just not yet available publicly.

Note: Due to the inner workings of Youtube, some video links below may not work about 24 hours prior to their publishing date (typically that will be from Thursday evening to Friday morning EST).

Last Updated: August 31, 2020

CrokinoleCentre's Next Videos

Nothing planned at the moment.