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A New Crokinole Podcast, and a Repeat Champion Team in the Netherlands

Nathan Walsh November 11, 2022

For crokinole fanatics out there there’s a couple pieces of exciting news you may not have seen recently.

Andrew Hutchinson has started a crokinole podcast, dubbed the The Pink Shirt Pod, complete with a stellar podcast logo and book-ended by the song Crokinole which is composed and performed by crokinole player Grant Flick. Those are reasons alone to check out this new addition to crokinole media.

You can check out the podcast here which already has it’s first episode released with Nathan Walsh on the state of the game.

The second piece of news is that the 2022 Netherlands Crokinole Championship has recently completed. The event is certainly unique for the crokinole community, and is best compared alongside the atmosphere of professional darts in terms of showmanship and fan involvement. On this facebook post you can find some video from the tournament. Viewers of European sports might notice some familiar fan cheers have been refurbished for crokinole, and any 20s scored are christened with a player dinging a bell that sits table side next to the 20 cup. It certainly looks like a great time.

Leading up to the tournament a Dutch news site interviewed some players. The video is alluded to in the first episode of the Pink Shirt Pod and you can find it here. It’s well worth a watch. Even though english speakers have to rely on auto-translated captions, the humour of the interviews is enjoyable.

In terms of tournament results, it was Sander Brugman and Joert Edink who came away victorious once again. Some may remember Joert, as he attended the 2019 World Championships as well as the 2018 European Open.