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US and UK Hold Successful Championships

Nathan Walsh June 11, 2022

15 years ago it would have been hard to imagine a legitimate national crokinole championship in a country other than Canada, but amazingly there were 2 in the last couple weeks.

US Open

The Extra Pint Crokinole Club put together another edition of the US Open Doubles Championship. The defending champions, Jason and Ray Beierling, were in attendance and were defeated by the top American team of Mike McTague and Jason Molloy. The semifinal victory of McTague/Molloy was a delight to home crowd, as is evidenced in the match video posted by the Texas chapter of the Extra Pint club.

You can also find the championship match featuring Jeremy Tracey and Ron Langill's big victory against McTague/Molloy.

United Kingdom

The first ever United Kingdom Crokinole Championship took place on June 4th. Event organizer Ian Witt wrote a nice recap you should check out, but you can also watch the finals and a semifinal match from the event.

The semifinal battle was posted on the same youtube channel that posts many matches from Spanish competition, and features 4-time World Champion Brian Cook playing Dave Cropper.

The championship match was posted on the Tracey Boards youtube channel, where Brian Cook claimed another tournament victory in his spectacular career by defeating Mike Ray for the first ever UK title.