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2018 Fantasy Crokinole Pool Results

Nathan Walsh June 16, 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to present the most prestigious award in crokinole; the winner of World Crokinole Championship Fantasy Pool for 2018 is...

Andrew Hutchinson AND Dwayne Campbell

(Posted below are the top 12 finishers, and if you would like your own score and position, please send me a message.)

Rank Team Pts Group A Group B Group C Group D
T1 Dwayne Campbell 530 Justin Slater Jason Beierling Tom Johnston Rob C Mader
Ray Beierling Roy Campbell Eric MIltenburg Christina Campbell
T1 Andrew Hutchinson 530 Justin Slater Jason Beierling Tom Johnston Rob C Mader
Connor Reinman Jeremy Tracey Ray Kappes Kevin Brooks
T3 John Bedtelyon 520 Justin Slater Jason Beierling Eric MIltenburg Lawson Lea
Ray Beierling Jeremy Tracey Ray Kappes Wilfred Smith
T3 Robert Bonnett 520 Justin Slater Fred Slater Tom Johnston Kevin Brooks
Ray Beierling Jeremy Tracey Ray Kappes Rob C Mader
T5 Jason Beierling 515 Justin Slater Jason Beierling Tom Johnston Kevin Brooks
Connor Reinman Jeremy Tracey Ray Kappes Christina Campbell
T5 Fred Slater 515 Justin Slater Jason Beierling Ray Kappes Randy Harris
Jon Conrad Fred Slater Tom Johnston Wilfred Smith
T7 Justin Slater 510 Justin Slater Jason Beierling Dwayne Campbell Rob C Mader
Connor Reinman Jeremy Tracey Tom Johnston Christina Campbell
T7 Connor Reinman 510 Justin Slater Jeremy Tracey Ray Kappes Randy Harris
Nathan Walsh Andrew Hutchinson Dwayne Campbell Kevin Brooks
9 Christina Campbell 500 Justin Slater Jason Beierling Dwayne Campbell Cathy Kuepfer
Ray Beierling Jeremy Tracey Eric MIltenburg Christina Campbell
10 Matt Brown 495 Justin Slater Jason Beierling Matt Brown Ezra Jantzi
Ray Beierling Roy Campbell Tom Johnston Rob C Mader
T11 Tom Johnston 485 Justin Slater Jason Beierling Tom Johnston Rueben Jong
Robert Bonnett Jeremy Tracey Rex Johnston Rob C Mader
T11 Jeremy Herrmann 485 Justin Slater Jeremy Tracey Ray Kappes Greg Pinel
Jon Conrad Fred Slater Dwayne Campbell Jeremy Herrmann

Dwayne and Andrew were both snake-bitten in terms of qualifications throughout the day for their singles play (let's not take too long on this though and spoil the WCC results blog that will come later), but both came through where it really counts and for the first time ever we have a tie for the 4th annual award of the most coveted and sought after prize in the fantasy sports world.

Further Analysis

  1. Dwayne Campbell and Andrew Hutchinson proved the old saying, "there's more than one way to skin a cat, but you still end up with the same amount of crokinole fantasy points." They each had one matching choice in each of the 4 available groups, and one unique selection.
  2. Neither Campbell nor Hutchinson picked themselves, which has been the case for the winning team in 2 of the first 3 years of this fantasy competition. Had either selected themselves, or each other, they could have won the fantasy title outright.
  3. One impressive note on Hutchinson's selections is that he made them publicly online 3 days before the tournament. Just another bold move from the Pink Shirted CoyoteTM.
  4. I'd consider having some sort of tiebreaker question to ensure we have an outright winner, but considering that of the 34 entries this year, there were still a few incorrectly filled out ballots, I'll hold off on doing anything that could add more confusion.
  5. Robert Bonnett finished tied for 2nd in the fantasy pool last year, this year he finished tied for 3rd, only missing the top spot by 10 points. Meanwhile, John Bedtelyon comes in with a very impressive debut performance to share the final spot on the podium with Bonnett.
  6. I made a significant error as I totally missed that Reid Tracey should have been place in Group C according to the fantasy pool criteria. But clearly so did everyone else as the 12th place finisher at the tournament went completely unselected. He was joined by Brian Simpson as the only other Top 16 finisher to go unselected.
  7. The unluckiest entrant this year is Matt Brown. He scored 495 points for 10th place, but had selected Ezra Jantzi, who had switched over to the Cues side (pretty successfully I might add). For Brown, any other selection that finished in the top 30 would have been enough to give him the fantasy crown.
  8. Jeremy Herrmann was also unlucky, selecting Greg Pinel who was not in attendance. But he did wisely choose himself (one of only 2 to make that choice to pick up the points for the 11th place finish).
  9. The most popular Group A selections were once again Justin Slater and Ray Beierling. Justin was selected on 23 of 34 teams, while Ray was selected on 14. Jon Conrad was under-rated last year, only being picked on 4 teams, and this year it was a similar story as he was picked on 8 teams. But for the second year in a row he proved those doubters wrong with a high finish.
  10. Selections from Group B were quite concentrated with Jason Beierling being selected 21 times and Jeremy Tracey selected 15 times. Optimal choices Andrew Hutchinson and Roy Campbell were selected 8 and 5 times respectively.
  11. Tom Johnston led Group C selections with 18, followed by Ray Kappes with 11. Dwayne Campbell was picked 8 times and for the 2nd straight year found himself on the "best possible team" list.
  12. Group D selections were quite varied with Rob Mader leading the way at 9, and Randy Harris, Cathy Kuepfer and Christina Campbell as popular choices behind.
  13. The best possible team selection would have earned 610 points overall and included:
    • Group A: Justin Slater (1st), Jon Conrad (2nd)
    • Group B: Jason Beierling (4th), (Andrew Hutchinson (5th) OR Roy Campbell (8th))
    • Group C: Dwayne Campbell (7th), Tom Johnston (6th)
    • Group D: Jeremy Herrmann (11th), Reid Tracey (12th)

Thanks to all for participating once again and enjoying the little extra entertainment value that this fantasy pool offers in addition to the World Championship tournament.