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2016 World Crokinole Championship Fantasy Pool

Nathan Walsh May 21, 2016

Back by popular demand, the WCC Fantasy Pool has returned for another round of wild speculation, bold prediction and seething crokinole players looking to destroy you after you left them off your list.

The 2015 Fantasy Pool victor was Clare Kuepfer, with co-2nd-place finishers of Fred Slater and Jon Conrad. Their prediction prowess proved preferable, but it is time to challenge those assertions, start your player analysis, and submit your Fantasy team once again.

The rules are simple (and the same as last year):

  1. Pick the best 8 player team consisting of:
    • 2 players from Group A
    • 2 players from Group B
    • 2 players from Group C
    • and 2 players from Group D.
  2. The higher up your players finish, the more points your team earns.
  3. Whoever has the team with the most points will win the coveted title of Crokinole Fantasy Champion, and bragging rights until their title is challenged next year.

NOTE: Fantasy Pool results are limited to the Competitive Singles category.

The separation into 4 different groups is designed to spread out the talent, so a winning team will require a strong showing from many different players, who outperform their expectations.

Last year a ranking system was used to divide up the four groups, but due to some flaws in the rankings it was clearly far from perfect. This year, the groups are divided on a more simplistic basis where Group A consists tournament winners in the past year, Group B are top 16 finishers from the 2015 WCC, and Group C are top 40 finishers from the 2015 WCC. Group D consists of any players not listed in any of the previous groups.

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Justin Slater Robert Bonnett Rueben Jong Ron Haymes
Ray Beierling Matt Brown Howard Martin Ray Haymes
Brian Cook Ezra Jantzi John Powers Eric Miltenburg
Jon Conrad Wilfred Smith Robert E Mader Beverley Vaillancourt
Tony Snyder Rob C Mader Clare Kuepfer Kathy Geris
Jason Beierling Nathan Walsh Merv Wice Cathy Kuepfer
Roy Campbell Rex Johnston Andrew Whitfield Chris Gorsline
John Harvey Lawson Lea Peter Tarle
Raymond Kappes Kevin Brooks David Younker
Gregory Pinel Tomes Mazzoni Demian Johnston
Tom Johnston John Lichty Dale Henry
Ewen MacPhail Jason Hogan Ron Reesor
Roger Vaillancourt Randy Harris Barry Kiggins
Brian Simpson Michael Renaud Bob Mader
Ab Leitch Darryl MacDonald
Alex Protas Peter Carter
Kevin Bechtel
Fred Slater
Dave Brown

NOTE: For Group D, you are allowed to select anyone not listed in Groups A, B or C. The players listed here are simply a small collection of notable players eligible to be selected.

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • 1st - 100
  • 2nd - 90
  • 3rd - 85
  • 4th - 80
  • 5th-8th - 70
  • 9th-12th - 65
  • 13th-16th - 60
  • 17th-20th - 50
  • 21st-25th - 45
  • 26th-30th - 40
  • 31st-35th - 35
  • 36th-40th - 30
  • 41st-45th - 25
  • 46th-50th - 20
  • 51st-60th - 15
  • 61st-70th - 10
  • >71st - 5

To solve the issue of not knowing who is attending the event, there will be printouts provided at the tournament to set your Fantasy team at the last minute. Entries will be accepted on paper in Tavistock, or through the comment section of this post or on NING. (Whichever is submitted last will be regarded as the selected team.)

Entries will be accepted until 1:30pm EST on June 4th, 2016.

That being said, feel free to comment below on your strategy and current picks to get a discussion rolling.

Good luck and have fun!