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October Crokinole Updates

Nathan Walsh October 11, 2014

The NCA Tour hasn't even hit its halfway mark, but it is well worth having a update on the activities following the competitive crokinole world in the early part of October.

Ontario Doubles Crokinole Championship

Ray and Jason Beierling. Photo Credit: CrokinoleDepot
Ray and Jason Beierling. Photo Credit: CrokinoleDepot

Brucefield will once again play host to the ODCC tournament. It's the 2nd straight year in that venue as CrokinoleDepot co-sponsors the event with the Varna Crokinole Club. The previous 3 years of the tournament's history included tournaments in Stratford, and the recurring theme of Brian Cook and Fred Slater coming away as the champs. But as that team was unable to join forces last year, Ray and Jason Beierling stepped up as they defeated Ron and Ray Haymes in the final.

While the tournament entry list is not finalized yet, expect to see the Beierlings challenging for the title. The Haymes team as well as Tom and Rex Johnston and Matt and Dave Brown have a lot of chemistry and will also be strong forces at the event. The mix and mash of players as they team up for the event is always pretty interesting, so it will be fun to see the teams made up of some pretty strong doubles players like Jon Conrad, Fred Slater and Brian Cook.

However, like all crokinole tournaments, it will all depend on how everyone plays that particular day. And if you want to be there that day, contact to sign up.

Choner Crokinole Tournament

Choner Chronicle
Credit: Choner Chronicle

A fanatic crokinole group exists in New York, and this Astroria-based tournament will enter its 4th edition on the 18th of October. By all accounts it is a terrifically enjoyable event, and word is that Demian Johnston will return in an attempt to reclaim the title. T-shirts are included with registration so how can you go wrong?

All joking aside, it will be nice to see if they find a bump in registration thanks to the BBC Radio shout out in June.

NCA Tour Standings

Normally analysis of NCA Tour standings are reserved later in the crokinole season when the races for the top spots have taken shape and players are close to clinching the top spot. Well it's October, and don't look now, but one player in particular is extremely close to cementing a high score with many tournaments to play. If you have been paying attention, that player, unsurprisingly, is Justin Slater.

Rank Name Events Min score Points
1 Ray Beierling 4 41 181
2 John Conrad 4 36 169
3 Justin Slater 3 50 157
4 Clare Kuepfer 4 27 152
4 Roy Campbell 4 34 152
5 Brian Cook 3 45 150
6 Nathan Walsh 3 47 149
7 Matt Brown 3 43 141
7 Eric Miltenburg 4 29 141
9 Fred Slater 3 41 139
10 David Brown 3 36 122
11 Jason Beierling 3 32 117
12 Tony Snyder 3 36 112
13 Dale Henry 4 20 107
14 Peter Tarle 3 27 98
15 Chris Gorsline 3 23 89
16 Roger Vaillancourt 2 44 89
16 Rob Jr. Mader 2 43 89
18 John Harvey 2 41 86
19 Cathy Kuepfer 3 25 85
20 Raymond Haymes 2 39 78

With only 3 tournaments played, Slater sits in 3rd place - 157 points. Supposing he racks up at least one more tournament victory before the St. Jacobs finale (certainly a feasible task), he'll sit at 207 points.

207 would be particularly significant because only 4 other players have the potential to earn that many this season. Those players (along with their highest possible scores) are: Brian Cook (210), Fred Slater (210), Nathan Walsh (207) and Clare Kuepfer (207).

Of course, those numbers are only attainable by any of those players by winning 2 more tournaments, plus the NCA final in St. Jacobs. That would be a tough enough task without mentioning that Justin Slater makes it a habit of winning the St. Jacobs tournament (4 victories in 6 years).

While the crokinole season is still young, the race for the NCA Tour title may be over early.

CrokinoleCentre Rankings

The CrokinoleCentre rankings have been around for two years now and have been an interesting side project to look at every now and then. Here's a look at the top 25 for both the singles category and the overall. A full listing the updated rankings can be found on the Crokinole Rankings tab above.

Rank Name Points Rank Singles Points
1 Justin Slater 312 1 Brian Cook 295.5
2 Brian Cook 298.5 2 Ray Beierling 289
3 Ray Beierling 293 3 Nathan Walsh 284
4 Nathan Walsh 291 4 Jon Conrad 279.5
5 Fred Slater 289 5 Fred Slater 264.5
6 Jon Conrad 287 6 Matt Brown 250
7 Jason Beierling 273.5 7 Roy Campbell 243.5
8 Matt Brown 268 7 Eric Miltenburg 243.5
9 Roy Campbell 257 9 Jason Beierling 235.5
10 Clare Kuepfer 249 10 Justin Slater 229.5
11 Eric Miltenburg 247 11 Louis Gauthier 220.5
12 John Harvey 245.5 12 Clare Kuepfer 219
13 Dave Brown 232.5 13 John Harvey 215
14 Howard Martin 224.5 14 Howard Martin 213.5
15 Louis Gauthier 220.5 15 Robert Bonnett 196.5
16 Tom Johnston 218 16 Dale Henry 171
17 Peter Tarle 207.5 17 Peter Tarle 154.5
18 Paul Brubacher 198.5 18 Reuben Jong 151.5
19 Robert Bonnett 196.5 18 Dave Brown 151.5
20 Rex Johnston 195.5 20 Alex Protas 147.5
20 Tony Snyder 195.5 21 Gloria Walsh 143
22 Dale Henry 193 22 Peter Carter 136.5
23 Chris Gorsline 185 23 Tom Johnston 112.5
24 Reuben Jong 184.5 24 Chris Gorsline 109
25 Ron Haymes 183.5 25 Roger Vaillancourt 108

After Jon Conrad owned the number one ranking all last season, there have been significant changes. Ray Beierling grabbed the number one spot after the World Championships, then Brian Cook regained the throne after winning in New York. And now, Justin Slater has finally recorded enough tournament results to get a full ranking, and firmly sits at the top. While Walsh, Brown and Campbell have climbed to career highs, Slater has amassed a massive 312 points, which should secure the number one ranking at least until May of 2015.

Meanwhile, in the Singles Only rankings, Brian Cook still appears as the top name, though Ray Beierling has a good chance to challenge for that, should he get some strong results in the coming tournaments. In case you are wondering, Justin Slater has yet to play a full 4 singles tournaments in the past 12 months, (or the 12 months before that), leading to his lower score. He, along with Louis Gauthier, are ones to watch as they play in a few more tournaments, and their rankings rise as a result.