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St. Jacob's Wins 2014 Joseph Schneider Haus Tournament

Nathan Walsh April 12, 2014

The St. Jacob's Crokinole Club won the 22nd edition of the Joseph Schneider Haus invitational crokinole tournament, and in doing so became the winningest crokinole club in tournament history.

People playing crokinole

20 of the world's best crokinole players, teamed among 5 of the world's best clubs piled into the Joseph Schneider Haus museum in Kitchener on Saturday. The 2014 tournament was the 22nd edition of the event that started in 1993. It's widely recognized as the longest running active crokinole tournament in the world. However, some newspapers would disagree (the short blurb about crokinole is near the bottom).

While the event often undergoes changes from year to year, tournament mainstays in Varna, Preston and St. Jacob's all had a team in attendance. Since it's creation a few years ago the Waterloo club has also been a consistent attendee. This year the Quinte Region Crokinole Club got their first crack at the tournament and wasted no time gearing up and getting acquainted with the "oldest known" crokinole board in the world.

Built in 1875, it's only 8 years younger than the country it resides.

The tournament's format is a simple singles round-robin, each player facing each other with the exception of your own teammates. After the full 16 games the scores are tallied and the top team (based on the 4 individual scores) is crowned the champion.

A popular feature of the tournament among the players is not in the gameplay of crokinole however, but in the great display of hospitality shown by the curators of the Joseph Schneider Haus museum. This year a vast array of delectable treats kept many players begging for more.

Getting back to the final results here's a look at the top 5 scoring players from the event.

Rank Name Club Points
1 Nathan Walsh Waterloo 92
2 Jason Beierling Varna 86
3 Fred Slater St. Jacob's 83
3 Louis Gauthier Quinte 83
5 Roy Campbell St. Jacob's 77

St. Jacob's had a very strong day and were able to place all four players in the top 10 individual spots. That would be enough to win the tournament as they scored a collective of 304 points. A congratulations must be given to Quinte as well for taking second place in their first attendance at the event.

The following is a breakdown of each team's score, including how each team scored against one another.

Rank St. Jacob's Quinte Varna Preston Waterloo Total
1 St. Jacob's 75 61 88 80 304
2 Quinte 53 76 73 85 287
3 Varna 67 52 71 76 266
4 Preston 40 55 57 70 222
5 Waterloo 48 43 52 58 201

While Varna was able to beat their arch rivals, St. Jacob's, in the head-to-head battle 67-61, they were not able to score high enough to reach the top two.

By winning this year's tournament, St. Jacob's has become the winningest team in the history of the Joseph Schneider Haus tournament. While the tournament has existed for 22 years, only 3 clubs have ever claimed the top prize. That list includes St. Jacob's, Varna, and the now defunct, Cameron Heights Teachers club.

While St. Jacob's won the inaugural event in 1993, the Cameron Heights teachers dominated the early years of the event winning 8 times from 1994-2005. Since then it has been Varna and St. Jacob's exchanging victories. Since 2006 St. Jacob's has won 5 titles and Varna has won 4.

But by winning on Saturday St. Jacob's reached a total of 9 Joseph Schneider Haus victories, finally surpassing the legendary Cameron Heights Teachers who had been at the front of the title race since 1994.

The prize for the St. Jacob's club is their name on the championship plaque, which has now been entirely filled after 22 years, and the rights to the replica of the world's oldest known crokinole board for a year.

Left to Right: Paul Brubacher, Jon Conrad, Fred Slater, Roy Campbell

The 2014 JSH Champs - St. Jacob's

Left to Right: Paul Brubacher, Jon Conrad, Fred Slater, Roy Campbell

The crokinole season has really heated up, and upcoming next will be the finale of the 2013-2014 NCA Tour, taking place in the aforementioned, St. Jacob's, at the 2014 Ontario Singles Crokinole Championship.