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2012 Scenic City Crokinole Championship Results

Nathan Walsh December 27, 2012

The 2012-2013 NCA Tour has begun quite similarly to the 2011-2012 tour as Brian Cook has once again had a perfect Fall crokinole season. In November he was once again declared the "King" of Scenic City crokinole after winning the tournament held in Owen Sound for the second straight year.

Coming into the tournament the NCA points race was really starting to take shape. Jon Conrad led the Tour with 198 points, and Brian Cook sat with 150 points after only 3 tournaments. Well it was Jon Conrad who finished second in Scenic City, boosting his total score by four points to a total of 202, now leading Brian Cook by a slim two point lead with several tournaments to play.

The biggest thing to note is that since the NCA tracks the top 4 finishes in a year, both Conrad and Cook are now just trying to improve their point total. For Cook, winning any tournament between now and the NCA finale will not improve his total score as his lowest tournament score is 50 points. The only chance he has at improving his score is by finishing in the top two in St. Jacob's, with a maximum total score of 205. However, finishing well at tournaments could be quite beneficial for Cook as he may attempt to limit the amount of points his competitors own. Jon Conrad is in a completely different position. Leading the Tour with 202 points, and he can still improve his score by another 13 points. His two lowest scores are 45 and 47, meaning that if he were to win another title, or finish in the top three in St. Jacob's, he would clinch the NCA Tour victory for the season.

Finishing third at the Scenic City Tournament was Ray Beierling, who earned 45 points to boost his total to 185, to sit in 4th on the Tour behind Fred Slater with 192. Finishing in a well-deserved 4th place in Owen Sound was Howard Martin.

The Owen Sound Times also did a piece on the tournament.

And here's a look at the updated CrokinoleCentre Rankings of the Top 30 players:

Rank Name Points
1 Brian Cook 305.5
2 Jon Conrad 298
3 Fred Slater 296
4 Ray Beierling 285
5 Jason Beierling 281
6 Nathan Walsh 270
7 Eric Miltenburg 264
8 Clare Kuepfer 262
9 Louis Gauthier 248
10 Howard Martin 244
11 Matt Brown 235.5
12 Joe Arnup 231
13 Justin Slater 230
14 Paul Brubacher 226
15 Greg Matthison 220.5
16 Ron Haymes 219.5
17 Kent Robinson 210
18 Dave Brown 204
19 Nathan Jongsma 189.5
20 John Harvey 189
21 Jason Carter 188.5
22 Rex Johnston 187
23 Chris Gorsline 181.5
24 Brian Miltenburg 167
25 Wayne Gingerich 162.5
26 Rob Mader 160.5
27 Bob Mader 150
28 Ray Haymes 148
29 Marlin Lichti 146
30 Bill Freeman 133

And here's a look at the Singles Rankings:

Rank Singles Only Points
1 Brian Cook 305.5
2 Jon Conrad 288
3 Ray Beierling 283.5
4 Jason Beierling 276
5 Eric Miltenburg 262.5
6 Fred Slater 259
7 Nathan Walsh 232.5
8 Clare Kuepfer 232
9 Louis Gauthier 222.5
10 Howard Martin 214
11 Joe Arnup 194.5
12 Paul Brubacher 194
13 Matt Brown 178
14 Greg Matthison 168.5
15 Brian Miltenburg 167
16 Justin Slater 154
17 Nathan Jongsma 147.5
18 Jason Carter 143.5
19 Kent Robinson 135
20 Ron Haymes 127
21 Rob Mader 126.5
22 Chris Gorsline 117.5
23 Dave Brown 116.5
24 John Harvey 104
25 Marlin Lichti 98
26 Rex Johnston 95
27 Dennis Ernest 94.5
28 Wayne Gingerich 87.5
29 Bob Mader 85.5
30 Ray Haymes 75.5

As you can see, not much has changed since the last Rankings update as the scores become much more consistent as the rankings begin to take shape.

And so that concludes the 2012 portion of the crokinole season. Even though the competitive side of crokinole will break for the holidays, there is sure to be much crokinole in play as families gather to rekindle one of the oldest family traditions over the Christmas break.

Join us once again in the new year of 2013 as we continue to follow the 2012-2013 NCA Tour, picking up with the Golden Horseshoe Tournament in Hamilton on January 26th.